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Comprehensive management of import and export operations for full load (FCL), groupage (LCL) and rolling.

Services in export:

  • Comprehensive monitoring in the scheduled shipping process of the export shipments.
  • Monitoring in the transit of goods to the Harbour.
  • Port reception, verification and inspection (if required).
  • Coordination with shipping line based on income and clearances.
  • Structuring periodic reports and traffic reports with specific information.
  • Customs clearance, documentation and delivery on time and with shippers.
  • Periodic evaluation of processes and incorporation into information systems
  • Services in import:

  • Professional assistance in logistics, traffic, tariff classification and customs.
  • Reports Ship'S ETA (estimated time of arrival) and transaction reports.
  • Predocumentation and import document verification date prior to the arrival of goods at sea port.
  • Cargo tracking and verification of packaging and pre-release revisions.
  • Supervision on loading / unloading at ports and coordination maneuvers in port terminals.
  • Freight forwarding, release and delivery to shipping agencies.
  • Verify compliance with official standards in the Harbour of the rules and freight tags.
  • Preparation and review of official documents.
  • With different customs clearance and freight forwarding.
  • Periodic evaluation of processes and incorporation into information systems.
  • Generating regular status reports of the various trades.

  • You can request a quote for both sending and customs formalities, by clicking on the following link. picture1