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About us

Transitos Marítimos Tarragona is a company founded in 2012 headquartered in Tarragona (Spain). The founding members focused their business main activity in the cargo delivery sector. TMT principal aim are logistical and transport services by sea, air and also the ground transport service along the Spanish country.

The company is formed by a great human team with a wide experience in the sector, contrasted solvency and professionally acredited working methods in differents professional activities. The Human team goal is focused in the logistic services to be a reference on quality and innovation in the service at the Tarragona area.

Transitos Marítimos Tarragona has a correspondent team in the main and the most important harbours in the world. Also, we can offer groupage services / LCL, and all container requeriments /FCL for your cargo from one city to another world city, always taking all options into account and choosing the best one for your needs. Our team will fit your cargo transport needs basing on the choise in the cargo urgency, the most economical option and the security. The TMT human team will help you in all doubts and requirements about export delivery for your business.

Service to Balearic Islands from Barcelona and Valencia. Service to Canary Islands, from Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia and Alicante. Our own structure, allows us to offer a very competitive freight.

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What makes us different

Transitos Marítimos Tarragona has a different business philosophy about cargo services, we work very hard every day to earn our costumers respect applying the maximum service quality and offering also an exclusive cargo service.

It's important to denote that TMT has its main headquarter close the Tarragona Harbour in a few 1 kilometer to the harbour and also a few meters form the future container terminal of the harbour.

TMT has a strategic location and it allows us to reduce time and cargo cost transport to our costumers.

Our Team

The TMT human team has a hard comprimise with the transport service and we offer to our customers the TMT transport fleet to perform each movement of goods, thereby providing a safe and efficient transportation of these.

Also, we supply to our customers with a daily part of your order status showing all the items under our supervision, management and control. Achieving that they know the status of their goods in the process of transit to their destination, giving added value to our service logistics.