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Cabotage service Balearic Islands and Canary Islands

Canary Islands has a fiscal and economic regime different in comparison with peninsula and the rest of Europe. This condition requires the completion of the relevant customs formalities when importing a vehicle (car, motorcycle, truck etc. ..) from the islands.

Which is the mechanism to importing a vehicle from Canary Islands?

  • By ferry driving it yourself. In this case you have 45 days to pay customs after arriving from the islands to avoid punishment by the Goverment Treasury (Hacienda). It is very important to keep the boat ticket in wich the vehicle came from the Canary Islands.
  • As a load, with or without a container. This form is somewhat less expensive but avoids the inconvenience of bringing you the car.

  • Liquidation DUA with import taxes when importing a vehicle to be paid Canary taxes IGIC import. There is an exemption for this tax when there is a change of residence of the vehicle owner. You can ask us to indicate in each case what are the requirements to be eligible for the tax exemption.

    The necessary documentation

    1. 1. ID card of the owner of the vehicle.
    2. 2. Permit papers and technical specifications.
    3. 3. Authorization for release.
    4. 4. Should bring yourself: boat ticket or otherwise sealed letter indicating the shipping date of the vehicle.
    5. 5. Should come as load, output DUA and Bill of lading.

    You can request a quote for both sending and customs formalities, by clicking on the following link.